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So You Think You Have a Growth Mindset?

Updated: Apr 27

Derek Lovett

March 6, 2023

One of my habitually tardy students was on time for a change. And not only that, she was in a great mood,. She asked emphatically with a smile, "How are you doing this morning, Mr. Lovett?" "I'm doing well," I said. "And to what do I owe the pleasure of you being on time?" She exclaimed, "I had a nap!" She continued, "I realized that if I prep my clothes at night then I have time in the morning to take a nap."

To say the least, I was extremely pleased. My student had displayed the ability to self-analyze. She had evaluated why she was getting a particular result, and based on her desired outcome she had modified her routine. She was exemplifying a capacity for personal development --something that the education world would call a "growth mindset."

What she displayed is more important than anything she will ever learn in science class. Many students at 15 and 16 have a hard time making the necessary adjustments to improve their outcomes, even when the facts are clear. If we think about it, even as adults we don't always do the obvious. While we have the capacity, we sometimes fail to make the adjustments needed for progress.

Regarding a "growth mindset," why is it we don't continue to grow in some areas? For just about all of us, the answer lies with one of these four reasons: 1.) We are so busy we don't stop and evaluate our circumstances; 2.) We get comfortable in our existing state and lack motivation to continue evaluating; 3.) We recognize our problem but don't make headway because we don't know where to start; or 4.) We attribute our problems to something other than what the real problem is so we don't address the problem. No matter which of these is true, all of them can be remedied with a four-letter word --TIME. As we grow into adulthood, less and less of our shortcomings are attributed to our circumstances, and more and more of them are attributed to how we spend our time. By better stewarding our time, we can improve any any area of our life --marriage, money, mental health, work, etc. But this starts with evaluation!

So, are you challenged in any area of your life right now? If so, which of the four reasons above might fit you? As your time goes, so will your life. Where could your time be used better for improving results? Start improving your time management with the R3 Planning Framework!

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