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Procrastination is no match for sound principles, practices, and strategies!

Right now you may be wondering what makes this planning framework different from any other planning resources out there. Please allow me a few moments of your time to give you some background on how it has drastically changed my life. From there you can evaluate if you want to give it an opportunity to impact yours.


Growing up I was an awful time manager. I often procrastinated and spent much more time than I should have to get things done.  This was the case through college and almost 10 years into my career.  But in 2016 this all changed.  It started with the day I had a simple epiphany — I WAS WASTING TIME! I honestly haven’t seen my life the same since.


As a sense of urgency began to brew in my heart, my objectives began to shift. Things that I once had treated as priorities began to fade into the shadows of the true priorities in my life. This keen focus has since been a staple in my life, and I have spent the last 7 years vetting and teaching the framework that God began to download in me on that fated day.


Whether you consider yourself highly successful or not, this framework has something for you. So if you are ready for better results, WELCOME TO THE R3 EXPERIENCE.

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