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Improve your Bottom Line

Office Meeting

When I was working in the corporate world, it never failed that there would come a time where I would feel so overwhelmed that I had a hard time detaching my current reality from a compulsion that I needed to resign.  My supervisor, who was much more prepared for this than I was, would simply tell me to take a day off.  When I would return to work I would feel refreshed and would be able to work another few months before my next spell.

What I learned from this was the importance of taking a break.  Eventually I learned to give myself time when I felt myself getting overwhelmed.  Many employees are undergoing stressors that they are not even aware of.  These stressors negatively affect their well-being, performance, and environment.   By circumventing these stressors, employers can have happier and more productive employees that enjoy work, develop more skills, and stick around longer.

-Derek J. Lovett, Founder

Do you have an answer to the following questions? 

These are the things that you need to be measuring that are affecting your bottom line!

How many of your employees are proficient in timeboxing, the #1 time management strategy?

How many of your employees plan their day out every morning?

How many of your employees have a balanced weekly schedule that lends to them being optimally focused during work hours?

Are you looking to improve your bottom line with a high-impact productivity & wellness training solution for your employees?  Check out our offerings in more detail.

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