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Steady planning in an unsteady world

Your next level is closer than it feels right now.

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Just about 10 years ago I found myself undergoing what would turn out to be a two-year span of severe depression and anxiety. 


While I spent a significant amount of that time in agony, the wisdom I gathered on my journey was priceless. 


Not only did it help me overcome the most daunting challenge of my life but it  helped me transform my entire approach to life and wellness.


I stopped trading time with loved ones and friends in pursuit of empty goals.


I launched a new career and discovered the intersection of my passion and purpose.


I began to publish the books that I had struggled to write for years.


I was happier and healthier because of a few simple principles that had eluded me my whole life.


As I began implementing and teaching these principles I realized that most people  were just like me.  They had used these principles to some degree but had only scratched the surface.


But as I begin to reap the benefits I realized that mastery  was the difference between individuals who achieved consistent personal success and those that always seemed to fall short of their desired results.

Derek J. Lovett

Life & Career Coach

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