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Make sure you plan.

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Life changes are inevitable.  Some are welcomed.  Others are daunting, such as the case of a loss of a loved one or a traumatic experience.  While each change is different, there is one thing that they each have in common: they require us to adjust our lives in some form or fashion.  When we fail to do this efficiently, in many ways this can hinder our ability to continue to produce the quality of life we desire. 

With a solid plan, you can effectively navigate these changes as they happen or even long before they happen.   Knowing the answers to the following questions can serve as a guide on your journey.

  • What is the overarching vision that is driving you?

  • What should have your focus right now?

  • What are most immediate needs (mentally, physically, etc.?)

  • What measurable goals have you set?

  • What does this execution look like on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis?

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