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Refresh Refocus Rebuild is a multi-faceted planning framework that consists of 3 distinct training modules.

Productivity Training

Productivity training helps individuals establish better focus, balance, and productivity in their daily lives. A major emphasis of this training is on helping individuals establish a routine for better work-life balance and developing practices for driving consistent results.  This training is ideal for companies and organizations.

Strategic Goal Setting

This training helps individuals understand the function of vision, objectives, and goals in a way that enables them to strategically set goals, assess progress, and make modifications. This training can be coupled with a fun activity such as a vision board party and is ideal for organizations and teams seeking to build camaraderie. 

Results Coaching

Our coaching is tailored to helping individuals use strategies, establish practices, and develop habits that best support personal growth and development in light of their current circumstances and desired lifestyle. Results Coaching is typically conducted one-on-one or in small groups. 

Train the Trainer

This program equips individuals with the functional knowledge of principals and practices  to effectively train others.  This is ideal for life coaches, counselors, office managers, and other individuals who are responsible for helping individuals grow personally and professionally.

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