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Wasted Time - any time (past tense) that cannot be associated directly with (or attributed to) a desired outcome

Routine Schedule - a set of recurring, chronological weekly events

Available Time - any time slot that is not allocated to a routine schedule.

Ancillary Goals -  flexible goals that have nominal time constraints and generally support the clarification of short and long-term goals

Short-term Goals - goals that have rigid timelines and may require temporary displacement of routine items to meet deadlines

Long-term Goals - goals that have flexible timelines and generally require a set weekly time allotment


Compartmentalize - In planning, this is the ongoing process of allotting specific time slots for activities in order to improve results; a method for establishing routine

Segment - the strategy of allocating a routine time slot down into distinguished task-oriented parts

Group - the process of consolidating like tasks together in order to lessen the overall time spent on those individual tasks

Combine- similar to multi-tasking, this is the strategy of joining two items (i.e., tasks, obligations, steps, etc.) in order to produce more available time

Task - An action that is completed apart from goals but may also be supplemental to their completion; tasks can be treated like ancillary goals

Recentering - the strategy of re-evaluating completed and uncompleted tasks for the day in order to efficiently prioritize tasks for the remainder of the day 

Obligation - an action or matter that requires supporting actions that are not necessarily a part of your routine weekly schedule and tend to mirror long-term goals in terms of weekly time allotment


Budget- A detailed depiction of one's monthly recurring expenses organized by categories of Fixed and Variable expenses and subcategories for each of those categories

Net Income - amount remaining of Gross Profit Income after Fixed and Variables Expenses are deducted

Cashflow - the net balance of one's income and expenses at any given point in time

Net Worth - the net balance of one's total assets and liabilities

Fixed Expense - recurring expenses that typically have a set payment date and amount

Variable Expense - recurring expenses that do not have a set payment amount

Gross Profit Income - income brought in after taxes are payed (i.e, your "paycheck")

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