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Your Life is More than Lesson Plans!

Just because the school year starts doesn't mean that your "other life" stops.  But sometimes it feels that way.

As the last days of summer end you are met with the ominous task of switching on "work mode" after spending the last two months of your life attempting to decompress.  

Considering this drastic change in dynamic, how do you maintain a healthy balance between work, home, and your overall enjoyment?

The reality is that many professionals are only "going through the motions" on their jobs while they wait for a better place and time that isn't guaranteed.  But that doesn't have to be the case!  

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Avoid burnout and stay motivated for the long haul!

Whether you are pumped and ready for the new school year or you are still waking up to the reality that it is upon you, the work has already been done to ensure that you are able to fully embrace your time in the classroom while continuing to develop every aspect of your life!

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