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Give your supporters the Gift of Time!

Popcorn and candy are fundraising traditions that will always have a place in our hearts (and wallets).  But , in addition to those, why not reward your supporters with something that they will always remember because of how it impacts their lives?   The R3 Planner is the perfect gift exchange for those who are kind enough to donate to your cause.



  • COST to organization (based on minimum purchase of 100 planners): $18 + shipping (No sales tax for tax exempt organizations)

  • Your organization can

    • Sell the planners for a desired price or

    • Offer it to donors as an incentive (or token of appreciation)

  • Front cover can be customized for your organization (No Charge)

  • First page can include a customized message from your organization (No Charge)​​

  • ​​The following is a promo video template that we can modify to help you promote your fundraiser.

Contact us if you are interested in fundraising with the R3 Planner!

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